Post an Event to the Community Calendar

How-To post an Event to the Community Calendar

An 'Event is really just a 'News Item' - an announcement to the Lasqueti Community - with a specific date and or time.  All events are displayed in the "What's News" block, when they are posted, and then in the "Upcoming Events" block as their date draws near.  In addition, all events are displayed on the Community Events Calendar.   An event can also be associated with a particular page on the site - if that page has its own events block, then the event will also show up on that page.

  1. To appear on the Calendar, you must provide a Date.   The date field is must be filled out exactly right to validate, so here are some detailed instructions:

    • The "From Date" give the starting date / time for your event - always fill this one out
    • The "To Date" gives the ending date / time for your event - just leave this blank for most events (it is mostly useful for multi-day events, like workshops).
    • The date must be entered EXACTLY like the example shown just below the date field - YYYY-MM-DD.  E.g.,   2011-01-31.
      The date picker tool makes it easy - just select the date from the little pop-up calendar.
    • The time is entered in 24hr notation.  Eg. 16:00
      Leave the time slot empty for "All Day" events.
  2. Press "Submit" - your Event will automatically show up in all the places it should (Upcoming Events, Community Calendar, any page associated with it, etc.)

You should see your new Event in full.  Notice there is an "Edit" tab at the top of the page - you can always return to the page and click on this tab to update or delete your Event item. (You can also edit or delete any of your news or event items under "My Community.. My News")  You should also see a link to your story at the top of the "What's News" block on the front page.