Custom Templates

Any page, node, or block can have a custom template that defines its look.  This is a very easy way to subtly alter the look of different parts of the site, or to customize the display of different types of data.


Heavily modified the Denver Theme version to remove almost all conditional theming and unused divs.  Made a few other customizations to:


Basically, this is straight from the Denver theme, but with:

  • "teaser" class added to the "node" div to allow custom styles for teasers (used to float image right on node page, but left on teaser view).

Defines the footer portion of the page that includes the "Our Community" and "MarketPlace" random image blocks.


Defines a custom layout for the "Market Page".  Basically, this just adds the code to pull in the "mini-gallery" at the bottom of the page.


Added this to customize the look and feel of comments. 
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