Elderberry Lane Farm & Vineyard


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Elderberry Lane Farm & Vineyard is an old world mixed farm and vineyard applying bio-dynamic farming practice to the individual and the whole.  The farm and household are run on alternative energy (solar and our own micro-hydro system).  The farm itself is nestled in over a hundred acres and is surrounded by several hundred more acres of wilderness oceanfront crown land.  The vineyard is sited on the sunny south east slope of Arbutus Mountain. The permaculture vineyard hosts an understory guild of wild and farmed crops, and is a refuge for wild bees.  Below that is the Elderberry orchard and other mixed fruit and nut trees.

The farmland, vineyard, eggs, meat, vegetables and fruit are grown with biodynamic practices and care.  An example of our closed circle farming practice is the use of our own raw goat milk to produce our vineyard/grape vine spray.  Raw milk contains wonderful antiseptic properties and enzymes that act as fungal control and give foliar nutrition to the plant. We do the same for our pasture and hayfield with no petrochemical fertilizers or inputs added to our land.

Our livestock includes farm reared poultry (meat and heritage egg layers), heritage breed cattle, and dairy goats. Lassa and Max, our rare breed English Shepherd herding farm dogs oversee the farm.  (Lassa and Max were featured in COABC - click on "ELF Farm Dogs" pdf on the right.)

Elderberry Lane is a farm where animals freely range on grass pasture, herb filled meadows, and our own forest land.  Animals forage for themselves supplemented with farm grown produce, grains and hay (Certified Organic only grains).  No GMO, silage or industrial by-products are used on the farm. 

Elderberry Lane Farm is Licensed to operate a Class D Rural Slaughter Establishment under the BC Meat Inspection Regulation.  Our own "in the field" slaughter regime assures that the animals are not subjected to stress of transport or mixed with other industrially farmed animals.  

To enquire about delicious wholesome food for your family or a farm stay, call us at the farmhouse to discuss your requirements - phone us:  (250) 333-8536 or email us: elderberrylanefarm (at) lasqueti.ca.  Or for further information see our website at:


For more information on farm stays or the Salish Sea panoramic mountain top option click on the "Farmstead Food Packages" product below or our website.  

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