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Lasqueti is so lucky, again! A very generous donor will donate $25,000US to the Judith Fisher Centre if Lasqueti can raise the corresponding Canadian dollar amount; approximately 32,000 loonies.

passes for ferry Sunday 26th

The ferry crew will be putting out passes for both the 1 o'clock and 4 o'clock sailings. If there are ten or more passengers left at the end of the day, an additional sailing will be made, but passengers will be required to pay in advance, without possibility for refund.

Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake information

After a brief search for information on what we might expect in our part of Cascadia (sheltered from the open ocean by Vancouver Island) I found this from the Cascadia Region Earthquake Working Group (which includes some British Columbia people, too). See their website   CREW.org

Re: the big one, or the really big one?

From the mailing list:

> A recent New Yorker article: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/07/20/the-really-big-one

> The Really Big One: An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest. The question is when.  by Kathryn Schulz
This article does not exaggerate.
The risk of a major seismic event is significant, and we should be doing more to prepare. While we have reinforced our home (added a shear wall, extra supports, reinforcements, etc), the probability of buildings being rendered uninhabitable directly by the earthquake, or by subsequent fire(s), is significant. Coupled with the fact that we (as a community) will be on our own for weeks to months, unless we are prepared, we will suffer severely.

Boarding passes 2:30 and 5:30 today July 23

Boarding passes go out at 12 for the 2 30

At 2:30 for the 5:30

passes out for 2:30 ferry Monday

Harry says that the ferry crew will be putting out passes in French Creek for the 2:30 ferry. St this point (12:15) they do not plan to put them out for the 5:30 sailing

Combatting a bad buzz

Bzzzzzzz!  Wasps getting you down yet? Get ready, its only going to get bigger!  

Bug Zapper Tennis Rackets $7.99

Maybe they're on your windshield? - Windshield washer fluid $3.99

Batteries are working hard too! - Distilled water $4, hydrometers $19.99

Ridge Riders Farm and Feed

                                          Ridge Riders Farm and Feed


Hello everyone,

   Our store will be open as usual. Please call Laz (250) 240-1369 for store and deliveries.

Early Shift for High Risk Forest Activities - July 20 2015

We have experienced a full 3 days with a Fire Hazard Rating of High.  Tomorrow Monday July 20 will be the first day of Early Shift for those undertaking any High Risk Activities.  Early Shift requires all high risk activities stop by 1 PM.

passes out for 5:30 ferry Friday, July 17

The ferry crew has put out passes for the 5:30 sailing from French Creek to False Bay.