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Hi all. A special reminder that things will be drying for much of the weekend, and while campfires are still permitted within our jurisdictional areas, we ask everyone to be extra careful. Weather forecasts are calling for periods of wind and scattered precipitation but the precipitation may not spread much more than half way down the island and mainland part of the fire centre.

- ROAD NOTICE - Annual Dust Control - June 29/16

Please note the adjustment to the date shown on the original - Road Notification - posted earlier today.  Dust control product is scheduled for application June 29 not July 29.


- ROAD NOTICE - Annual Dust Control - June 29/16

Application of the dust control product (magnesium chloride) is scheduled to begin early to mid afternoon Wednesday July 29 and may continue into the night. This is the same product used over recent years, except last year.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater

In any residential or commercial setting, solar thermal energy provides the lowest lifecycle cost, and the lowest environmental impact from the release of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Technological advances and high energy prices have made solar thermal energy a cost-effective choice for water heating in Canada. By using solar energy Canadians can heat water for domestic consumption causing less pollution or paying less in expensive fossil fuels or electricity. While conventional water heating appliances cost money to operate, solar water heaters use only clean energy from the sun; they can pay for themselves in energy savings. The solar water heating system we propose will pay for itself in energy cost savings in five years or less. That’s equivalent to making 20% or more every year on a mutual fund investment!

Water heating accounts for 17% of the average residential energy consumption, and a solar system can reduce that cost by 50%, The cost to own and install this solar water heating system in an average home is $ 2,900 CAD.

This solar water heater works best on sunny days, but also deliver some heat in a cloudy day; outside temperature has no relevance in the energy production due to the evacuated tube principle that eliminates the heat losses and it requires minimum or no maintenance, there are no pumps or other moving parts, no transfer fluids or electrical components. The solar water heater is designed to last a minimum of 15 years and comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, much longer than conventional water heating appliances.

Solar water heaters already save energy and reduce fuel costs in many homes and businesses across Canada; this system will provide 300 liters of hot water, sufficient to satisfy the needs of a household of 5 people or more. Hundreds of dollars can be saved annually with solar thermal energy.

These collectors should be installed at an angle equal to the home’s latitude north of the equator, 45 degrees in the case of Canada. The system will not freeze at temperatures above -10 degrees C, and comes protected with a freeze protection valve that will circulate water through the collector when temperatures drop near freezing, allowing the owner to take the necessary measures if ambient temperatures are expected to be under the -10-degree C mark.

On the other hand, due to the extremely high efficiency of the collector, the water temperature of the water could be higher than required; the system comes equipped with a tempering valve that will mix cold water with the hot water coming out of the solar water heater in case the water in the system reaches temperatures above the 60-degree C mark. This measure will eliminate the possibility of scalding.

The solar water heater does not require a heat transfer fluid (e.g. Glycol); water from municipal supply is passed through the collector and heated.

In order to take advantage of a solar water heater, the building must have an unshaded patch of ground close to the house or alternatively an unshaded section of roof or wall, facing South. Solar systems can be designed into new construction or retrofitted into existing homes. The vast majority of the homes and businesses in Canada are excellent candidates for a solar water heater.

For Information, call (250)898-4874 or email: uranga [at] shaw [dot] ca

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10/07/2016 (1 week)


The Tool Shed is now open in Parksville!

Locally owned and operated, we have a large selection of tools for the home owner and small contractor.

We are open 7 days a week and offer free tool drop off and pick up to the Lasqueti Ferry in French Creek.

For info on tools available please give Brent or Scott a cal at 250-586-5511

or Check out our facebook page "The Tool Shed" or @ www.thetoolshed.ca


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08/07/2019 (3 years)

Doctor/Nurse Clinic at Judith Fisher Centre

Event Date: 
Jul 8 2016 - 9:00am - 4:00pm

There will be a nurse/doctor clinic at the Judith Fisher Health Centre on Friday July the 8th. Please call Dianne if you would like to book an appointment.

Fire Safety, Fire Hazard Rating has risen to - MODERATE - June 21, 2016

Some food for thought.....Do you have some fire fighting equipment/tools around?  If you were to detect a small smoldering ground fire in the proximity of your house, shop, garage, barn,generator shed, or even your preferred place to sit and relapse around the yard or garden could you retrieve your fire fighting hand tools and be working on the fire within one or two minutes?   

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16/07/2016 (2 weeks)

Fire Safety, Fire Hazard Rating returns to - Low - June 19/ 2016

Lasqueti Fire Hazard Rating is reduced to Low - June 19/2016.  BC Forests  burning restrictions for Backyard Burning (catagory 2) remain in place at this time.