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Our Isle & Times-November issue released

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Nov 2 2015 - 10:00am

Our Isle & Times Deadline-November issue

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Oct 25 2015 - 11:59pm

telephones out at south end today

I retrieved a message this morning from Telus saying that they would be cutting and repairing the main line and telephone service to the south end of Lasqueti today. The message said it would be out from about 11 till about 2. The cut must be north of Gline & Fletcher Roads, because our telephone is out, too.

Pallets of Poo

Get ahead of next Spring while the ground is still dry and easy to transport.

Fall pallet orders for the big gardener in you

Blended Manure 70 bags/pallet = $297.00 + tax

Oceans Fish Compost 45 bags/pallet  = $427.50 + tax

Alaska Peat Moss 15 bales/pallet = $285 + tax

Jessie's Path and Nursery 240-7307

Seasonal Maintenance Tips from Jessie's Path

A new season is freshly upon us and a great time to do some preventative maintenance around the home and for your engines. A little now can avoid a lot of pain in the future.

Woodstoves - Sweep chimney, clean ash box and change batteries in fire alarms.

Generators - Fuel conditioners to clean out any residues and improve efficiency.  Change the oil and filters.

Grant Opportunities for Community Groups


    These are a range of granting opportunities that have just been opened again. 


Grant Title: Field of Interest Grants 


Granting Agency: Vancouver Foundation


Funding Available: 

Looking for a woodstove

I am looking for a small, safe airtight woodstove.  Enough to heat 300 sq ft.  I am currently using a home made stove but it is a bit less efficient than I need it too be.  If you have one or have any leads please let me know.  8818 Cheers  Jess

A message regarding the trespass issue at Mount Trematon Nature Reserve


The Islands Trust Fund would like to take an opportunity to clarify a few things regarding the trespass issue at Mount Trematon Nature Reserve.

Mt. Trematon, Lake Trematon & Road Access

With respect to the question of road access through the Mt. Trematon Reserve, the B.C. Government road mapping layer (as shown on the map below) indicates that at least at one point it was believed that there was a road connecting Lake Road to Weldon Road. This data is often quite out of date, but is worth noting.

Having said that, no activity should have been performed without permission of either (and ideally both) the Island Trust Fund and the Ministry of Transportation.

my view of Mt. Trematon Nature Reserve situation, different from Laurence's

I have a very different view of the alleged witch hunt that Laurence writes about, where some Lasqueti people are thought to be unfair to a person who loves his part of Lasqueti.