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Fifth Wheel / Truck


Looking to purchase a fifth wheel or trailer, as well as a light to medium size pick-up. Call 250-661-4003 or email rdjgates [at] live [dot] com.


Bob Gates

Time remaining: 97%
04/01/2017 (10 weeks)

ROAD NOTICE - Annual Gravel Delivery

 Our annual road gravel delivery is scheduled for Oct. 18 and 19 (Tues. and Wed.).  Six trucks operated by "off Island" drivers  will be hauling Tues.until dark, start again early Wed.

Fire Safety,- Backyard Burning Restrictions - Lifted - Sept. 27/16

The Category 2 burning restriction (which includes backyard burning) was lifted today Sept. 27 at noon.  At any time of year if burning piles larger than 2 meters high by 3 meters in dia.

Bread & Jam

Event Date: 
Jan 14 2017 - 6:00pm
Event Date: 
Feb 11 2017 - 6:00pm
Event Date: 
Mar 11 2017 - 6:00pm
Event Date: 
Apr 8 2017 - 6:00pm

Bread & Jam Winter / Spring 2017

2nd Sat. of each month at the Hall.

More info coming...

Bread & Jam

Event Date: 
Sep 24 2016 - 6:00pm
Event Date: 
Oct 22 2016 - 6:00pm
Event Date: 
Nov 12 2016 - 6:00pm
Event Date: 
Dec 10 2016 - 6:00pm

Bread & Jam Fall 2016

At the Hall.  For more info see:  http://lasqueti.ca/bread-and-jam

Food line-up for the Fall 2016:

  • September 24th with Bonny & Darzo in the kitchen.
  • October 22nd with Jane cooking.
  • November 12th with Camino  providing food.
  • December 10th with Bonny& Darzo cooking.

Soils at Jessie's Path

Soils @ Jessie's Path on Lasqueti
If you feel like you missed out on soil orders, not to worry. I do have promix, peat, blended manure and fish compost in stock. If you need some anytime this fall just give me a call. 240.7307 to arrange convenient pick up.

Fire Safety, Backyard Burning Restriction (category 2) remains in place

Please note, backyard burning / category 2 restrictions remain effective, the campfire ban  has been lifted.  If you have a smoker that is made of or contains any combustible materials the smoker falls within the category 2 area therefore these types of smokers are not usable until the category 2 burning restriction is lifted.



HIRRA Presentation


Greetings all. I am pleased to announce that a representative from the Hornby Island Residents and Ratepayers Association will be giving a presentation on Saturday, September 10, 11AM, at the Lasqueti Community Hall. The Fall Fair activities and displays will get going after 1.

Soils this Saturday

Soil orders for Saturday

If you are looking for soils and amendments this fall, the first of the Saturday pallets will arrive to the ramp this Saturday Sept 10. Pre order by 4pm every Tuesday to reserve product.

If Saturday does not work for you, just give me a ring to pick up at another time. Stock on hand for the season.

Dolomite Lime 20kg $13.75

Soils for the Fall

Soils, lime, compost etc.....

Fall is certainly upon us and a great time to top dress with manures and lime for next Spring.

First of the pallets to arrive Sept 10. Please order by 4pm Tuesday Sept. 6. Pick up on Saturday Sept 10 at noon at the ramp. minimum 3 units of product.

Dolomite Lime 20kg $13.75

HP Promix 4 cu ft $38.86