What's News

Caesar Sunday at Pub

Event Date: 
Nov 2 2014 - 11:00am - 5:00pm

By Popular Demand, the pub will be open at 11 am on Sunday.  Just to cure those halloween hangovers - Caesars - $6.00.  See you there


New garvel on the roads - Tire Plug kits at Jessie's Path

Jessie's Path Nursery and Hardware

Open Mondays Tuesdays 9-4

Tire patch kits

Jerry Cans

Muffler tape

Fuel filters

Methyl Hydrate

Rock Phosphorus for your garlic's

I look forward to seeing you here.



Texada court challenges update

Here's news about the two court challenges brought by VTAAC. The case about the Texada approval is next week, and VTAAC is alone on that one, except for the support of many citizens.

Here's an update on the funding for the Texada case, and then a report on the FSD case, which will reach the court some time next year:


Flu shots

Event Date: 
Nov 6 2014 - 11:00am - 3:00pm

Flu shots will be available at the Nurse's clinic starting the first Thursday of November - the 6th.


Trust Council advocacy on Salish Sea issues

At Tuesday evening's all-candidates meeting, a question was asked about the Island's Trust advocacy and involvement in environmental issues in our Salish Sea area, and especially the proposed massive increases in oil and coal shipments. The Islands Trust chair, Sheila Malcolmson, with the support of staff and under direction from Trust Council, does all the advocacy work.

Further Road Gravel update

Barge schedue for Lasqueti road gravel delivery has been adjusted again.  The current plan is to start unloading early Thursday morning, the job should be completed sometime Friday.  See the previous posting for other info.


You don't want to go over in weather like this

The winter winds have hit and the last thing you want is a ferry ride.

If you stop by Jessie's Path you can avoid going over.

Mondays and Tuesdays 9-4 or by appointment only.

Extension cords

Tire Patch Kits

Antifreeze for both the car and pipes

Drill bits  and Robertson bits

Common Screws and nails

ROAD NOTICE - update-

Barging delay has setback our gravel delivery by at least 24 hr.  The schedule now is for Tues.-Wed.

Heading to court against Texada approval

Hi folks,

On October 27, 28, 29  the first of our two court challenges goes before a judge.  If you know anyone who opposes this coal port approval for Texada, and would like to help create an obstacle to this approval by contributing a few bucks, please tell them it would be welcome.