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Poll: how to moderate lasqueti e-mail list

When Peter was moderating the lasqueti e-mail list, he would manually cut-and-paste messages to assemble the daily digest.  In the process, he could edit out irrelevant parts of a message, or check back with the sender if there was some question or issue with their message.

Historical Photos

The images featured on the front page this week are historical photos of Lasqueti sent to us by Elizabeth Laing

Free Store Hall of Shame

The photos featured on the site home page this week are all items donated to our Free Store, and keenly satirized by the photographer.

Have a look through the entire gallery - it's a real education and a ton of fun:

Report to LIAS AGM 2008

Attached is the report I made to the LIAS board at their AGM, Sept. 30, 2008

It details website-related work completed over the past, along with plans and goals for the coming one.

Critical Mass

Our Isle & Times article from July 2008

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