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petition to Premier Clark asking to restrict fish farms

The Cohen Commission came out with good strong recommendations regarding the virus from fish farms now evident in BC wild salmon. One recommendation was only 1 year licenses - but Clark is set to renew fish farm licenses off our coast  for several years.

Hurricane Sandy wakes up US to climate change and affects election

This is a really interesting article in the NY Times about the wake up call to America. Now if only Ottawa and Calgary had some climate changing wake up call (no harm intended directly). 

urgent - stand against China Canada buy out

Hi all,

This could go into effect by Nov 1st!

the Decline of Fraser River Pacific Salmon


An Interview with Dr. Alexandra Morton

On the Collapse of the Pacific Coast’s Fraser River Salmon


Interviewed by Sheila Harrington


Sheila: What key moment inspired you to study whales?

Alex Morton's investigations into salmon

Alexandra Morton is investigating the state of the Fraser Sockeye salmon. She has learned quite a bit lately. I did an interview with her which is now published in Alternatives Magazine - published by the Univ. of Waterloo.


Here is her latest: 


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