Aqua Chautauqua : Eau Canada

The Circus is coming to Lasqueti!

The New Old Time Chautauqua is taking to the high seas for the summer 2009. The musical vaudeville circus with a strong tendency towards education presents their 28th-annual summer tour, “Aqua Chautauqua”. The maritime tour will sail to and perform in Lasqueti Island, Gabriola Island, Salt Spring Island, Orcas Island and Port Gamble, WA.

  • On Thursday, July 16 there will be a community Potluck at the Community Hall at 7 PM.  This is a great opportunity share food and conversation with neighbors and Chautauquans in a relaxed atmosphere. Chautauquans and local musicians will be on hand for fun and music.
  • On Friday July 17 there will be a Community Work Party at the Community Hall from 10 - 2.  Come out and work with the Chautauquans and your friends and neighbors to improve our little Hall.
  • The “Aqua Chautauqua Show!” on Saturday, July 18 at 7 PM will be at the Community Hall. But the extravaganza evening show is the just grand finale of a day full of fun and education.
    It all starts at 12 noon.  A marching band will lead an “Everybody’s Welcome Parade” at the Saturday Market in False Bay.  Don your colorful costumes and join the jugglers, clowns, and little fairies promenading and dancing down the aisle.  The Parade will end with a Teaser Show—a little sample of the 7 PM vaudeville show.
  • The Parade will lead the merrymakers to workshop area, where the “Educational Circus” is scheduled from 1-4 PM. Children and adults can learn a wide variety of skills, including juggling, acrobatics, quilting, mask making and clowning. There will also be a workshop about solar water heating and discussions about Peak Oil and “The Other” (how we, as individuals and nations treat people who are different than we are). Make sure to bring musical instruments for an old-fashion song swap. Chautauqua’s workshops are always a lot of fun and interesting--a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
  • At 7 PM, “The Big Show” starts at the Community Hall...
    • The Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Chamber Band/Orchestra will march down the aisles to kick off the show followed by a variety of acts from across the far and near.
    • Bellingham’s Islando and Shannon will fly on the trapeze and North Carolina’s Runaway Circus will perform juggling acrobalance.
    • Lasqueti Island’s Mr P and Clever Trevor’s tomfoolery and clowning is sure to bring a smile.
    • World traveler, Vanessa Vortex will bust out the hula-hoop with fun results. 
    • Basque master clown, Iman Lizarazu clown will inspire laughter and wonder.
    • The Super Noodlini Family will bring juggling and humor from the “old country,” while Nobody’s Fools represent more modern day pin tossing and humor.

Come join in the fun!  Kids will be amazed, teenagers will be inspired and adults will wish they had practiced more magic and juggling and not frittered away their time at work.

This show will benefit the Lasqueti Community Association and allow it to upgrade and improve the community hall.