False Bay Artifacts


This collection of artifacts primarily comes from beach middens in False Bay.  The one notable exception is the large spear point (B) that was found in a garden about 10 m above sea level and about 70 meters back from the shore.  This is only of a handful of old style points found on Lasqueti -- alll of which were recovered in similar contexts.  Of this one, Roy Carlson, professo

Richardson Bay Artifacts

letters and scale.jpg

This collection of artifacts were found from various locations around Richardson Bay and the Douglas Farm.  Some artifacts found off of Lasqueti are also included in the collection (H [Spear point], J [Petrified bone], O [abraded slate])

Fish net weight

fish wt 1.jpg

This is a fish net weight. It was made by drilling a hole into a beach rock from both sides. This characterstic “biconical” shape of the hole distinguishes it as human-made. Holes which are eroded naturally in rocks will only be one-sided and often more rounded than cone-shaped. Several such net weights would have been hung around a net.

Bone harpoon base from Marshall's Beach

DSL Bone harpoon pt.JPG

The following artifact was found on Marshall’s Beach in front of the midden by Ralph’s old house. It is made of sea mammal bone, probably sea lion. It is broken on the left end. The tapered and rounded end on the right is the original form. Note the dime for scale. Can you figure out what it is?

Charles Point

Eileen's Charles phase point.JPG

 This spear point was found while digging potatoes on land some distance from the coast.  It likely dates between  5400 to 3600 years ago.  However, a spear point of a similar style  recovered from an excavation in Saltery Bay on the Sunshine Coast  dates to 7400 years ago.  Most of Lasqueti's oldest point styles are found away from the water's edge. 

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