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Beginning A Food Garden On Lasqueti

March 30, 2020

Live alder wanted.

Distant Isle Tree Service wants your live alder trees for chipping to make mulch. Do you have an old clearing which has been over grow with alder. Looking for clearings with or near dry road access.4-8 inch in diameter stems are the most productive for chipping.

hummingbird feeders

I've been wondering lately about the health of sugar in hummingbird feeders. I just researched it and learned:

Hummingbirds and Artificial Feeders

JB's Babies Update

Tomato babies still available in 3” pots, $3 each or 4 for $10...Big Beef, Sweetie, Celebrity, Yellow Pear, Sungold, Black Cherry, Siletz, Green Zebra, Early Girl, Tumbler...several nice big ones also for sale in gallon pots. (Well worth the extra cost, BTW, as you should get more tomatoes and sooner with a bigger plant.)

Pepper News!

JB's BABIES Pepper Update: ONLY CHANCE to get Gypsy (Sweet) and
>Jalapeno (Hot) babies in 3" me ASAP or stop by the Teapot Stand, as these last 15
>plants need to get into gallon pots right away. They are not ready
>for outdoors, but for those with greenhouses this is a chance to get

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