Xwe'etay/Lasqueti Archaeology project logo

Lasqueti / Xwe-etaty Project  Logo

Four herring surround two yew branches in the shape of a spindle whorl.  Herring are included in this because of their significant presence in the Indigenous history of the land.  The trowels inside the herring represent the archaeological part of the project. The yew tree holds significance for Lasqueti Island as the Coast Salish name for Lasqueti, xwe'etay, translates as Yew tree.  The central red circle is the berry that grows on the branches of the tree.  With the shape of the spindle whorl, we seek to weave together the strands of history left to us by our ancestors to better know their stories.

Jesse Recalma Xwulqsheynum created this beautiful Xwe’etay/Lasqueti Project logo. Jesse is a Coast Salish artist and a member of Qualicum First Nation and a project team member. He learned art by watching and listening to the stories of his grandfather. While carving is one of his favourite mediums, he also devotes his time to painting, Indigenous languages, and digital design. His works can be viewed on his instagram page instagram.com/saatlamarts or his facebook page facebook.com/saatlamarts

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