Module Customization

Forgive me Drupal, for I have sinned...

One of the key benefits of Drupal is that you DON'T (usually) need to "hack" away at existing code to customize it - you can use the hook_ and theme_ systems to add your custom code, thus making upgrading much easier.  Nonetheless, there were a couple modules that I needed to "hack" a little, just to suit my finicky tastes... These changes now need to be "re-implemented" any time these modules are updated (unless you want the old behaviour to revert)...

  • Module     File                          Modification
  • notify        notify.module        changed name on user's tab to "Notify Me"
  • ads        ed-classified.module    changed name on user's tab to "My Ads"
  • imce        imce.module            changed name on user's tab to "My Files"
  • views   modules/  applied patch:
    (hopefully this will be fixed in next version of Views)
  • views   views.module               added $view parameter to theme_views_more()
  • date           added new views filter
  • lightbox lightbox2.module    theme_imagefield_image_imagecache_lightbox2 altered to use image title as the description text instead of the alt text.  Due to imagefield using image filename as default alt text - yuck.  Better fix would be to patch imagefield to use title text as default if alt text not set.