Lasqueti past forest conditions: 1875 survey

This series of articles were published for the general public to increase knowledge of historical forest conditions, with emphasis on Lasqueti Island (Xwe?etay/Xwe”i”tay). Most of it will also apply to the whole CDF and parts of the dryer CWH areas. The forest conditions do not only mean trees; grasses and openness were also part of the landscape condition.

As I get more information, I continue to reassess my historical forest conditions knowledge and learn. I made a spreadsheet of Carey’s 1875 legal survey information from which to do some analysis. Here are some draft results. This should allow us to understand forest conditions in 1875. Any mistakes are my fault in either the spreadsheet or my analysis. I used survey page numbers within the spreadsheet to make it easier to check; I have already found some mistakes in my fist draft. I found it hard to accurately transcribe old notes, both onto a spreadsheet and even to Carey’s closing remarks. My spreadsheet is available to anyone for use and I would appreciate any corrections if found.

... Please see the attached PDF for the complete report ...

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