Create a listing for Ride-share Coop

How-To Add yourself to the "Ride-Share Driver" list

The Lasqueti Transport Coop is a ride-share cooperative that supplies rides to those who need them.  To become a driver for the Coop, you must meet some basic requirements.  Then, simply add an entry to the Ride-share Drivers listing - here's how:

  1. Log-in (you must be logged in to post to the website)
  2. Post to Website... Person (from menu in left sidebar)
  3. Enter your Name - the name you want people to call you when they need a driver - usually your first and/or last name.
  4. Select "Ride-share Driver" under Person is.... - it is VERY important to choose the right category here or you might end up listed as Lasqueti Dead!!
  5. Optional, but highly recommended -  you can browse and then upload a photo - usually a photo of yourself, but could be of your car, or a small logo or other icon.
  6. The Description allows you to add other information to your listing - most importantly your contact info - you may enter whatever makes sense for your listing.
    The first 200 characters will be shown in the summary list, so start with your phone number, e-mail, or other contact info.  Additionally, you could include hours or days when you are typically available, the type or capacity of your vehicle, or other useful information for those seeking a ride.
    You can format your description using the simple web editor - see How-To Format Your Post
  7. Press "Submit"

You should see your new listing in full.  Notice there is an "Edit" tab at the top of the page - you can always return to this page and click on this tab to update or delete your listing.  You should also see that your listing has been added to the main Ride-share Coop Drivers listing.