Post Article on Page

Attach an article with your latest news, poems, or ramblings to your page!

If you maintain a page on the website, you can have a dynaimc article attached to it.  Each time you add a new article it automatically replaces the one that was previously displayed on your page.  All the articles you write are saved and available in your "blog".  For example, you might use the articles to:

  • Post latest news or information about your page (e.g., see free store page);
  • Post your latest poetry, ramblings, or writing;
  • Write a regular "column" that supplements your page.
  • (Note: if you want to post photos, it would be better to have a "mini-gallery" on your page.)

This feature needs to be added to your page, so contact the webmaster if you want this capability.

Step-by-Step : Post an Article to your page:

  1. Log-in to (you can only post content if you are logged in)
  2. Select ->Post to Website... from your personal menu (- see How-To Navigate Site articles).
    • select ->Blog entry from the sub-menu
  3. Enter a meaningful Title for your article - it should be concise but descriptive.
  4. Optionally, you can add Additional Subjects to the article by simply typing them in (see below)
  5. Enter the Body of your article - this is the main text of the article.
  6. Select the page this article is Related to.  This is the page where your article will appear.  Only pages you "own" will show up in this list - if the list is empty, you don't maintain any pages - that's OK, your article will still appear in your blog.  If you want to maintain a page on the site, contact the webmaster.
  7. Choose "Preview" if you'd like to review how your post will look on the site before submitting it.
    Choose "Submit" to post your article to the site.

When you view the article, you'll see that it has "View" and "Edit" tabs.  The View tab shows you what others will see when they see your article.  The Edit tab allows you to go back and change ANY of the information you entered above, or even delete the article to remove it from the site completely.  If you do delete the current article, your previous article will automatically show up on your page again (it always shows the latest article).  You can ALWAYS edit your own posts on  So relax - mistakes happen, and you can fix them!

Additional Subjects

  • The site provides a set of "official" categories for classifying content. 
  • You can create your own classification categories simply by entering terms in the "Additional Subjects" field. 
  • Once you have added a new category "term", all content "tagged" with that term can be viewed together simply by clicking on the term wherever it appears.
  • For example, if you write articles about the Bird Count, then "tag" those articles with the term "bird count".  You could also tag photos or news articles.  All of this content will be summarized together automatically under the new  "bird count" category.  Others can add items to this category simply be tagging their articles or photos as "bird count".  Cool eh?