Shyte Alternatives

If Septic Tanks have their failings, what are the alternatives? 

No Toilet

When the urge strikes in the big outdoors and no “rest room” is available, look for a well-drained site with diggable soil, 150’ from the nearest lake or stream.  The most powerful soil enzymes are in the top 8”, so dig a hole to that depth and cover.  Use as little toilet paper as possible.  Even better, crap into a plastic bag and pack it out.  Of course, all toiletries like diapers, tampons, sanitary napkins and condoms should also be taken home and disposed of properly.   


This time honored method works fine over the short term when the density of people is low.  Outhouses though, leach their contents into watersheds over time as the waste is not sealed in a watertight container.  In some parts of the undeveloped world it is not uncommon to see a drinking well and outhouse within a few feet of each other.  This is obviously a recipe for disaster.  But, an outhouse is better than nothing, so if you must use this method look for a well drained site at least 150’ from the nearest watershed. 

Composting Toilets 

In isolated inaccessible rural areas the most sensible and safest method for disposing of human wastes is composting.