Lasqueti Island Ratepayers Association

LIRA was formed to represent the interests of property owners on Lasqueti Island.
When an issue affecting Lasqueti arises, LIRA provides the platform to give ratepayers a voice in the discussion.  When there is not much to discuss, we're off doing other things!

Current Directors

  • Karl Darwin
  • Gail Flemming
  • Craig Mcfeely
  • Barry Parks
  • Eugenie Pelletier
  • Thomas Weinerth


  • Any person who owns land on Lasqueti Island and is registered on the Certificate of Title may be a member of the association upon presentation of their current tax assessment notice and payment of the membership fee.
  • Where more than on person is the registered owner of land, or where the land is held by a corporation, only one person may vote (i.e., one property, one voice, one vote).