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     The parasitic elite, those who would control humanity, are rapidly losing their ability to do so. They have been in charge for so long that we have become saturated in the energy field of dissent, disagreement, and distrust. The only way to keep ourselves solvent in this cesspool is to get out of our minds. It takes no energy to activate the antidote to fear, which is PEACE. Put that fearful mind in an elevator, and count it down to your heart…out loud…from 10 to 1. Track the counting with your hand. Do it again! Make it a habit. We have to re-learn what PEACE feels like so we can move through thinking what it feels like. We have forgotten, completely forgotten in every cell what PEACE is. The aliens have been feeding us such a bunch of crap for so long that we believe it is real (Amitron, R. 2012).

     Dissent is encouraged among us. We are manipulated to engage in contention with the polar opposites that are floating around in our mind. This allows distraction to win as we start proving ourselves right and everyone else wrong (Smallman, J. 2012). Our hearts are now empty because the divine PEACE flow that is always present is barred from entry because we are standing in the way and blazing our experience of contention at it. Letting go of the need to be right allows us to open and engage with life fully. The energy field that the alien handlers are drowning us in will change with the consistent energy of the force of PEACE.

     Over the last couple hundred years, ever more of us have opened into awareness of the futility of controversial attitudes; leading to the emancipation of women, the freeing of slaves, and general freedoms for individuals in countries that have chosen democracy over autocracy. Over the last fifty years, this awareness has been spreading rapidly, and now there are very few on the planet who remain unaware of the benefits of these freedoms – which are spelt out very specifically in the American Declaration of Independence and in the Bill of Rights that makes up the first ten amendments to their Constitution – and of the concept of individual sovereignty which no person, organization, or government has the authority to overrule, regardless of any laws that may be enacted to supposedly allow them the right to do so.

     Again, over the last few decades, many governments have been passing laws in attempts to reign in these freedoms under pressure from those who control humanity. However, people now have access to far more information and are educating themselves, and in a variety of ways are peacefully expressing their total dissatisfaction (Smallman, J. 2012).

     When we meet together and interact peacefully and lovingly, our power increases (Nidle, S. 2012). Individually we each become unwilling to be violent toward anyone, and this awareness initiates vast society changes. Everyone is affected, including military forces that are sent to control and disperse these people. Fortunately LOVE conquers all, and the armed forces and various police forces are not immune to this effect, and are becoming ever more reluctant to slam peaceful citizens

     The changes to unseat these governmental controllers are in place, yet the media plays deaf, as it itself, is a primary parasitic alien vampire and is synchronizing our minds to their agenda so we will continue to give them our emotions, so they can continue getting a piece of our spirit for their food. Think about it. Does not the media finagle things so that we unwittingly learn to “think their style”?

     But, as the news of this idiocy spreads, so spreads the PEACE that is the very energy distributing it, and any violence within the misguided ones lessens because PEACE brings momentum and growth to the project. It has become very apparent that violence does not grow PEACE. From deep within comes bubbling forth a common awareness that violence will not be done and will not be engaged in.

     The peaceful means that people use to bring forth these essential alterations in behaviors, does have considerable weight. Those who control the masses feed on fear because they are fear filled. They attempt to disguise themselves under the blustering and bullying masks they wear. Fear is a cancer that allows you to give up tiny bits of you; those infinitesimal pieces that you think you won’t notice being gone, until one day you’ve given away so much of your spirit that you are barely alive and don’t even know it.

     Experience PEACE by putting your mind in an elevator and audibly counting it down into your heart from 10 to 1. You must do it out loud, so that you step out of your mental energy and activate your heart energy. Thinking about it instead of speaking will only keep your mind stuck in your head. Learn about PEACE. Do this often enough that you become very familiar with it.

    Fear is contagious, but PEACE is the perfect and completely effective antidote and cure. PEACE is simple. True PEACE has no polarity, no ifs, no ands and no buts. PEACE dissolves fear, PEACE allows PEACE, PEACE heals wounds, and PEACE is our natural state because we are made of it. Galactic parties are being planned to celebrate humanity’s awakening. Be prepared for more enjoyment than you know what to do with. Full consciousness is right around the corner.


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