'Occupied Cascadia' a documentary film exploring bioregionalism throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Occupied Cascadia Trailer from Cascadia Matters on Vimeo.

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'Occupied Cascadia' is a documentary film exploring the emerging concept of bioregionalism throughout the Pacific Northwest. Cascadia is the land of falling waters located on the northeast Pacific Rim. Historically, the diverse voices throughout this land have paved the way for many social movements. So, what defines the people of this region?

With resource wars upon us, governments are more oppressive than ever, global economies are destabilizing, corporations and media are continually dividing us and most seem to have some notion of an imminent collapse on the horizon. Are the people of this region forging a new path for themselves?

We feel we have captured the essence of an emerging culture and movement. It also appears that this type of movement is bridging the gap away from fundamentalism towards our commonalities. What changes must we really make in order to provide for future generations, including the natural world? Explore these concepts and more.

This film was Co-directed and Co-produced by Devin Hess and Mel Sweet, self-taught photographers now transitioning to independent film making.

All music was recorded and produced by Hassan Ali Estakhrian at http://hassanalimusic.com.

To find out more about Cascadia and this film please visit http://cascadiamatters.org.


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