Do You Really Have Free Will?

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The Universe of Light did not create darkness. The darkness never created light. The darkness is invading the light frequencies. The darkness strives to look like light so it can get our attention. It even teaches us what light is supposed to look like.

Your body wants to heal itself. Your spirit knows you have imperfections and wants to help. Back in the time of Jesus there could be immediate healings. Now there is too much density to affect instant healings. A conduit to the LightShip must be used, just as it was used in Jesus time. (“The way to the father is through me”) We are so dirty that the LIGHT would dissolve us if it shone directly on us. Any practitioner that tells you they can take you to the LightShip is full of alien BS and out to get your money, attention and onto the timeline they want you to believe is real. The only way to the LightShip is through Ron Amitron. He can take you to the quarantine areas of the LightShip so you are safely worked on by the Light Beings and your missing parts found.

The only way the Light Beings know to work on you is for you to ASK. Remember, you have free will and if you have a broken arm, the Light Beings won’t even notice it and will let you keep it. They will not interfere with your free will to have a broken arm. We need to get this free will concept into our mind so we can effectively use our mind (our alien tool) to clear ourselves of the crap we have been living in that we are so sure is reality.

There is so much density on this planet, Ron Amitron has created a 24/7 website for clearing it. Ron must be used as a guide for these clearings. The way to use him as this medium is to use Paypal to pay for a clearing; then use the ID and password you receive to run that personal healing program. Keep the picture of the Light Being up on your monitor during the healing. This way Ron is acting as a conduit in harmony with the Light Beings for your healing. Ron has many free healings on his website so you can experience them before you spend your hard-earned money. All his archived radio conference calls have sample healings that are very informative and are helpful clearings for 5 or 6 repeats.

Don’t get cute and start sharing your ID and passwords with somebody else. This is a great way for the aliens to step in and give that person one of “their” healings. It may even feel better than the one you got from the Light Beings. Since aliens created all this darkness in the first place they are experts at fixing it and will give you healings too. But you can’t trick the LIGHT. As you get cleared your true spirit will be able to start communicating with you once again.

We have been given the natal chart by the aliens and they have taught us that DNA is us. We can’t deviate from it because we are born with these characteristics. They make sure of that. We may assert our independence a bit, but after a while we fall back into the characteristics to which we were born, with a new twist. This makes us great, expensive fodder for them. Every one of our preconceived ideas starts a self fulfilling prophecy created by the aliens to nourish themselves. The ascension process is here to remove all the light of the darkness that has been created and promulgated by the aliens.

Because darkness is so prevalent in our galaxy, everything is turned off every 2000 years so that anyone striving for ascension has that opportunity. Remember all ascension is is a time when the LIGHT turns itself off for a while so that when it turns back on it can only see itself. The darkness cannot be seen so it is not a part of humanity’s reconstruction. 2000 years ago the earth did not accept its ascension in the hopes that humanity would clean itself up so that it could be seen next time ascension came around. That time is now and unfortunately people have been hoodwinked by aliens masquerading as humans and very few are ready to ascend. The fact that the aliens are soulless means they cannot be seen by the LIGHT.

Right now the earth spirit has left the earth and is out looking for missing parts of itself. The LightShip has put place holders into earth while he is out looking for his missing pieces. This is the earth’s pre-ascension time. The LightShip can’t reconstruct the absent parts of us or the earth even though it has the blueprint; it can only look for those parts. If LIGHT can see us at ascension time the Light Beings will put place holders in us for our missing parts while they are searching for them. The LIGHT does have to eventually turn itself back on. Your guess is as good as mine for how long it can stay turned off. Our job at present is to retrieve and infuse as much of our spirit as we can find so that we can be found at ascension time.



Amitron, R. (2012)



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