Access and safety

I have been asked to remind, or notify, Lasqueti residents and visitors that the public access to Mt. Trematon is by the easement over Tio's property. The easement is the roadway that goes right by his house. At the top of Lakes/Centre Road, don't turn left towards Richardson Bay. Go straight, past where we used to hold the picnic. It is probably easiest to park early and walk through Tio's place, straight on past his house and vehicles, etc.

You will come to a small parking lot, slightly up and to the right, with vehicle access blocked off by some large rocks. This is, I understand, the beginning of the Island Trust Fund's Mt. Trematon property. The route is not well marked, either to this spot, or up to the top. There are plans to do this later in the summer, so people don't get lost or wander onto adjacent private properties.

At least one of the traditionally used routes to Mt. Trematon is on private property.

When you are visiting Mt. Trematon, and walking, hiking, cycling or driving everywhere on and around Lasqueti, please be aware that there are hazards and dangers, and make sure you are being safe and sensible. You should be aware that you are responsible for your own safety. The landowners, including the Islands Trust Fund, do not accept responsibility for your safety, or warrant that the way is safe. You are on your own.

At this point, there is not confirmed public access to the clearing and wetland that was John Osland's home site, and the obvious feature viewing site of his gift of his property to the Islands Trust Fund.



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