Work on or access across Mt. Trematon Nature Reserve

The Mt. Trematon Nature Reserve is owned by the Islands Trust Fund. The Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy and Nanaimo Area Land Trust hold covenants on the property, ensuring that it is preserved in a natural state for the future. The public are allowed to visit the property on foot, but not to make changes, move soil or other material, or remove anything. Access to the Nature Reserve is over an easement from the end of Centre (Lakes) Road, through Tio and Valeria's property.

Recently there were some changes made by excavator on the Nature Reserve property. The adjacent landowners, from the Trematon Lake property, apparently were "improving their access". There is no legal access through the Nature Reserve to adjacent properties. More recently, additional disturbances have happened, including cutting trees and bush, planting plants and erecting fences.

Islands Trust Fund, supported by LINC and NALT, are moving to and will continue to enforce the preservation of the property, and also its restoration, but proper process will take some time.

I write this to let the community know about the situation. Especially machine operators and contractors should know that no work is authorized to be done on the Mt. Trematon Nature Reserve, and no access to or across the property for any machines or vehicles has been granted. No trees or bush should be cut, no rock or soil disturbed, and nothing should be taken from or left on the property. Anyone with questions or concerns should contact the staff at the Islands Trust Fund 250-405-5186



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