Car-sharing for Lasquetians

Car Share on Lasqueti - Starting with French Creek


Some time ago, Yves (on behalf od the LCA Climate Action Committee) asked community members with experience of car sharing to share thoughts on their past and current experiences. The intent was to learn from those experiences and inform potential organised car sharing attempts within the community, rather than starting from scratch. 


A few key themes emerged from the feedback received from roughly a dozen community members. (Anyone interested in receiving a more detailed summary of the feedback we received can request a copy from Jules D, Aigul, Shoshana or Maritza). 


Location, Location, Location


Community members who shared their experiences had different types of car share experiences depending on where the car share was located and how it had been set up by the parties involved. Typically, there are three contexts where car sharing needs arise within the Lasqueti community:


In False Bay, specifically as a potential means to combat the evergreen problem of too many cars parked on the hill, many of them standing unused for long periods of time. 

In French Creek, where community members sometimes have to maintain a second vehicle that they don’t use often, or have to figure out various solutions for errands, shopping or other shorter trips on the other side. 

On Lasqueti itself, to get around from the North to the South and anywhere in between, and often to go from those locations to False Bay and back. 


More people, more problems

Another common theme in the feedback was the experience community members had with the risks and downsides of car sharing. This includes having less flexibility over when and where you have access to a vehicle, and the often complex dynamics of shared ownership. The cost of insurance, responsibility for maintenance, different levels of cleanliness, and accident liability have been shown to be particular points of potential friction in various car sharing groups. 


Although not insurmountable, these challenges require diligence and specific efforts to mitigate. Transparent communication and a strong commitment to healthy collaboration are required elements, along with appropriate contractual and civil agreements, insurance policies that are known to work and well-designed logistics. The handful of community members who responded to our request for information shared some valuable tips and best practices, and our group has researched and found even more solutions!


Figuring out French Creek

Based on the feedback received from this small sample of community members, and upon further discussion within the group, we would like to propose that we try to solve just ONE of the car share contexts as a starting point - French Creek.

There are a number of benefits to car-sharing in French Creek. By sharing a number of vehicles on the other side, we can reduce the total number of cars on the road (good for the climate!), reduce the demand for (green) parking bays (a constant challenge!) and save money sharing insurance and maintenance costs.


Help CAG design the French Creek Car Share Pilot

We would love to hear the community’s input into the design of such a pilot. To that end, we have designed a short survey to establish whether there is enough interest and capacity in the Lasqueti community to start an organised car share in French Creek.


Depending on the amount of interest from potential participants, the goal would be to have a 6-month trial up and running early in the new year, and then report back to the community on the results and viability of continuing with the car share initiative in the long term. 


The survey is available online at this link 

and is open until Nov 30, 2022. Paper copies are available on the bulletin board at the post office and completed surveys can be dropped in thr mail slot. Tell your friends and neighbours!