French Creek Harbour update

Report on French Creek Harbour Authority FCHA

from your representative on the harbour board Peter Lironi


It has been a busy year with staff turnover and the addition of new directors.


Julie Blood is no longer manager of the office and is succeeded by Steve Dunagon who has a background of marine construction and a long term relationship with the federal small craft harbour commission.

Phil Burgess Chairman of the board is no longer with us his position has been temporarily taken over by vice chair John Millicheap.


I managed to coerce 10 more parking spaces for Lasqueti residents which has taken some pressure off of the current parking waiting list.

The current rate is $407 per year and the policy of the board is to increase it by 4% annually to keep up with inflation and associated costs.


There will be a new crane installed on the big dock where the present one is positioned; it will have a longer reach and more friendly controls, a pass card will be needed to operate it. This can be acquired at the harbour office. 


In their wisdom FCHA. will allow a shelter to be built next to the ferry similar to the bus stop shelters by Windsor plywood. The catch is we would have to pay for it. Still on a cold, rainy, and  windy day it would be most welcome. Perhaps the LCA could look into this. There is now free wifi on the dock the password is: Password1


Looking to the future FCHA wants to expand French Creek facilities which would almost double the capacity and would have a new entrance to the south. It would have an additional larger ramp more suitable for barges, as well as a new ferry dock and more parking.


At the moment we have a consultant looking at cost and permits. These things take time and the ballpark cost will be $15 million.


The FCHA is currently looking for someone to run a food truck or trailer, for more in for contact me.


That’s all for now 


Peter Lironi 


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