Scottie Bay

Hi everyone,

I'm sure folks are aware that your local trustees are constrained from speaking about certain aspects of this situation. There is certainly some confusion and anxiety in the community about all of this.

Peter's recent post stated:

"He further told me that it would ber proper for them to re-apply for a bylaw amendment to permit the dock, if they want, as more than a year has elapsed since the rejection of their previous application."

I am seeking confirmation from senior staff on this, but it is likely that I won't hear back before Monday. I will post an update here either way. It seems possible that if this is the case, the claim could be put into abeyance if the LTC decides to consider the application.

Meanwhile, the agenda and minutes of the October 5, 2020 meeting are available to the public on the Islands Trust website, but the files are too large to post here. I can also email them as PDF files to anyone who would prefer that option.

These documents detail the public process, and include the associated staff reports. If you would like to receive them directly, please email me at tpeterson [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca

As noted, trustees are constrained from getting into detailed discussions at this time, so please respect that this puts us in an awkward situation.


Tim Peterson


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