qathet Regional District 2024 Meeting Schedule

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The qathet Regional District Board has adopted their 2024 Regular Meeting Schedule. The full schedule is available by clicking here. 

The meeting schedule for 2024 is available on the Public Notice Board at the Regional District Administration Office and on our events calendar. Meetings are also advertised on our Facebook page. Notice of any schedule changes will be made available as soon as possible and incorporated on our events calendar. Notices of Special Meetings are issued separately from the regular meeting schedule and can be found by clicking here or on the Public Notice Board at #202-4675 Marine Avenue. Meetings are held in the Regional District boardroom located at unit #103 – 4675 Marine Avenue, Powell River, BC.

qRD Board and Standing Committee meetings are offered via a combination of in-person, telephone and virtual attendance. The public can also participate in the delegation or question period portion of the meeting, in person, in the Boardroom, or electronically via ZOOM or phone.

Webcasts of meetings are available by visiting

Our Boardroom is a common space where public participation is welcomed. Please join us.

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Regional District

Lasqueti Island is part of the qathet Regional District. A regional district is set up to provide different services in different areas according to the needs and desires of each area’s residents and property owners. Only those who receive the service pay for it.


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