LTC Resolutions

In response to Peter's message, I am posting the text of the resolutions from the Local Trust Committee's March 4 meeting, which I have just received: 

that the Lasqueti Island Local Trust Committee requests that the applicant for LA-RZ-2023.1 work with planning staff to provide the following prior to the Local Trust Committee considering first reading of draft bylaws:
a. Information on how land and water access to the dock will be legally secured in perpetuity for emergency services;
b. Confirmation from the provincial approving authority of the correct crown lease tenure for an emergency dock; and
c. Confirmation that the dock is sufficient for all emergency service providers who are proposed to use the dock.
that the Lasqueti Island Local Trust Committee endorse the proposed changes to Lasqueti island Official Community Plan, 2020, as amended.
that the Lasqueti Island Local Trust Committee direct staff to amend the project charter to include as an in scope item a referral to the Lasqueti Island Advisory Planning Commission to consider private docks and their use, specifically towards defining how environmental and social effects should be addressed, as per Section 4.4.7 Boats and Maritime Vessel Policies.
that the Lasqueti island local Trust Committee request staff to schedule a screening of Dust n Bones and/or one of the other films on the list and inquire about the feasibility of working with local First Nations to host a discussion on the film.

Please note that #055 and #056 refer to the proposed DRAFT of the OCP.

I will be submitting a report in the next edition of Xwe'etay News. If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out by email tpeterson [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca or phone 250-607-7094





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