Lasqueti Transport Co-op

The Lasqueti Island Transport Co-op is a user dispatched ride-share cooperative, created to help people get around on Lasqueti, which has no taxi or bus service..

Islands Trust Fund
200-1627 Fort Street, Victoria, BC  V8R 1H8
A conservancy for Canada's islands in the Salish Sea

Stories of the back to the earth movement of the 1970's and 80's covering 5 years in Southern Oregon and 10 years on Lasqueti Island. 
One of these stories appears in the Lasqueti memoir of the time,  "Accidental Eden".

The Old Douglas Farm primarily produces market crops of blueberries and apple juice, with other fruits, vegetables and preserves sometimes available.

Contact Mike or Cindy: 250 333 8893

Blueberries are delivered to False Bay from mid-July - Oct. - call for availability.

The Internet Centre is no longer open.


LIAS no longer operates the public access computer centre formerly known as the e-centre. It was closed due to a lack of sufficient interest or energy from centre users and volunteers.

LIAS has no plans to re establish...

Photos for Jeremy P.


Ingo Dyrkton is a Lasqueti wood carver specializing in spoons, ladles, soup and salad bowls, as well as masks & sculpture.
Contact Ingo: 250-333-8627   toeclip2000 [at] yahoo [dot] ca

"Biggest and Best" - Lasqueti's Favorite Community Fesitval

"At the end of June / start of July; musicians, artists, and poets gather for a weekend of revelry to show their talents."

The ‘Living Tree’ Healing Centre – – located at Ray and Suzie's Cob House opposite Petes Lake – is a beautiful site now open for cultivating the healing arts.

DSC Consulting offers comprehensive design services for sustainable energy and mechanical systems. It's principal, Ezra Auerbach, has lived and worked off grid since 1968. Over the 26 years he has worked in the PV industry he has been responsible for the design and commissioning of hundreds of hybrid PV electrical systems.

Luxurious goats milk soap hand crafted on Lasqueti Island using local milk, herbs and flowers.  

Rustic bath fizzies in the shape of birds eggs tucked three to a nest made of local rushes.

Off the Grid Vacation Rental

Phone Gail @ 250-333-8885
or email: gail [at] lasqueti [dot] ca

Gary Kollmuss - Custom Cabinets and Furniture.

Made on Lasqueti Island.


We offer many affordable services and products including:

  • natural building (from design to construction, naturally, with cob Contact us soon...

Eggs are available year round (although the hens lay fewer in winter)

Please call in at the farmhouse, or you can reach us at 8529
boatcove [at] lasqueti [dot] ca

Hand-knit socks made on an antique circular sock machine.

Made with 75% Superwash Merino and 25% nylon

Machine wash and dry. 

Made to last, a worth while investment of your feet.

Can be custom made

Contact Gwyn at: gwyncole55 [at] gmail [dot]...

The Lasqueti Island Community Arts Council exists to support and nurture creativity on the island through sponsorships and community events. It maintains the Arts Centre: a small gallery used for exhibitions, life drawing groups, creative projects, poetry classes, and film screenings.

Pay parking for the Lasqueti Island Ferry is available at French Creek Harbour, and can be purchased through a parking pass dispenser (accepts coins, or bills up to $20, or credit cards), or from the Harbour Master's...

For more information, visit us at: