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April 27 submission on Peter's list

Hi Joseph,

Do you have any idea why the April 27 posting to Peter's list is staying on top. Is it something I did? Will it always stay on top?  Please let me know if it's my fault, and what I can do to not do it again.  Thanks.

I'm getting used to the website.

I'd prefer to see all the ads, at least all of them in one classification, all at once, rather than having to get each one (I think) downloaded from the website.

I'm thinking and talking with Sue, and later others as I meet them, about what would work best for rides postings on the web site.  Thanks for everything you do. I look forward to our next seeing of you, meal or not.  Peter

Just a configuration issue...

Hi Peter -

you did nothing - but I did 2 things!  First, I misunderstood the setting for ordering forum topics - it was listing all "active" topics (those with comments) first;  Second, of course, I posted a comment in the April 27 posting... thus it got listed first!

I fixed the first and left the second - all appears as it should now.

Thanks ever so much for noticing and taking time to let me know (although I can see that I need an obvious place for people to submit support requests!)  Let me know for sure if you spot any other aberrant behaviour!

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