Stop Spying

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The CON artists are up to no good again, with proposed legislation modeled on the scary Patriot Act in the US.  Rallying behind a favourite fear-mongers cry of "protect the children", they attempt to deprive us of basic civil privacies.

Bill C-30 is a monster and threatens the very basis of democracy by allowing the harper government to spy on all electronic communications, and amass data on your information habits to create a personality profile - ever browse any anti-establishment websites?  or send an e-mail brimming with vitriolic irony?  better think twice if Bill C-30 passes. If you think I'm exaggerating, have a look:

Now the Minster says he is "surprised" to find the bill contains sections that give these kinds of unwarranted search and seizure powers - HA!  So he's either incompetent or lying??

All we can do as citizens at times like this is show unwavering resistance and solidarity.  You might start by signing this petition from :



Excuse me, if I sound paranoid, but won't sending them our names, addresses and emails just make it easier for them to spy? Especially on those that oppose them?

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too late?

Unfortunately, "they" are "our" federal government - you're already in their database, "they" already have your name and address.

Yes - any time you oppose "authority", you run the risk that you will be singled out for retaliation. But the only other choice is to crawl into a hole and let those in power run without restraint. While we still have a semblance of democracy, I will continue to raise my voice loud when I see injustice and violation of individual rights and freedoms.
When all traces of democracy are gone, and our government has truly turned Orwellian, then it will be time to take to the streets as they did in so many authoritarian regimes last year. By comparison, signing a petition doesn't seem so courageous?

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