Comments about Lasqueti on TV

Whatever we may think of the potential negative impacts from TV coverage, today I got a message (via the website) that reveals at least one tangible, positive outcome - increased awareness that alternatives exist.  Thought I should share this with the community:

Hello, my name is Eileen and I just saw a tv special on your island. I have to say it was one of the most inspirational things I have seen in a long time. The people that live there off the power and resources of the island amaze me. I think it is wonderful that you have found such a beautiful spot to enjoy the true wonders of the world in their natural state. I am not one that could cope with such a lifestyle, but I admire those that can. I would love to be able to visit the island, but not sure how or if there are visitor type locations that I could stay. Do you offer accommodations for people that would like to experience the wonde of your world? I would love to be able to show my children that there is more to life than the conveiniences of modern life. It scares me that they could possibly grow up not appreciating the enjoyment of life without tv, computers and cell phones.
Thanks so much in advance. Eileen Cruz.


Eileen's comment after viewing show

Hey Joseph - any idea what show she was watching? Who is going to answer her (and add that we do have computers and cell phones and accommodation.)

Maybe its Eileen from Island Tides (who seems to live on anything but the Gulf Islands)

who's to answer Eileen?

Sounds like a golden opportunity for one of the B&B folks to put in a plug for themselves. We have at least three, right?

re: Eileen's comment

I'm fairly sure the show was 16x9 on Global - I've been getting a fairly steady stream of comments about it, so it must be running repeats across the country.
I replied to Eileen to provide the information she was directly asking for regarding where she can find accommodation ( - if anyone else is interested in contacting her, I can provide her email address.

Another comment from another viewer...

Another person who was inspired by the 16x9 TV spot on Lasqueti:

Good day,

I was very impressed with the independent lifestyles that members of your community were able to achieve and enjoy. It has long been a dream of mine to live off the grid, surrounded by natural wonders, somewhere in the Quebec wilderness.

I have yet to find out how I can make that dream happen, meanwhile I can only be amazed at the great achievements I was privy to on the 16x9 show. Thank you for keeping the dream alive (sometimes I wonder if I am just the odd one out, clearly I feel better after watching the show)

If at all anyone is interested to have a pen pal out here in Quebec, I'd be happy to write a few times a year and get uplifting news back.

Regards to all

Danielle Russell
Montreal, QC
maydusa [at] hotmail [dot] com

Eileen Cruz, new idea.

Here's one idea for a new 15 minute article that we could pitch to "16x9," or similiar T.V. shows:
Opening scene of waking up at 6 a.m. to make the first ferry, wake up in freezing shack. Go downstairs.Make coffee.Teakettle almost boiling, but then propane goes out, (tank is empty) Put flashlight in mouth, go rifle through toolbox + find 7/8 size wrench to change tank.->Close up shot on rain falling onto propane tank fitting as cold hand turns wrench. Hot coffee being poured into pint canning jar. Jar is balanced on dashboard as car drives down dark road. Car hits pot-hole, coffee jar spills onto passenger seat and purse. >(Loud profanity here overrides CBC on car radio) Next shot; Red, cold hands lift up totes that have overturned and spilled contents all over back seat of car. Contents get put back into totes, totes get strapped onto dolly and wheeled down onto dock. Camera pans over many people all going down ramp. Rear shot of feet in too-big gumboots tripping over crude, newly installed 2x2 "safety ladder" that runs down side of ramp.>(Swearing here .) Camera studies ride over on ferry with many cheery, independent Lasquetians chattering away in cabin, or plugged into ipods and iphones, reading books,or sleeping. Camera goes into zoom mode here > Windsor Plywood / Credit Union/ S.O.S./ Naked Naturals/ Station Farm + Feed/ Co-Op Gas/ Spunkys/Kendor Nursery/ Quality Foods/ (>shots of money leaving hands, debit card machine being punched, over and over) Scene of loading totes and bags onto incredibly crowded ferry. Camera closes up on fingers (with band-aid on index finger) pulling pop-ring off beer can. Hands go into pocket and pull out tattered wallet.Hands fumble and find one five dollar bill and four loonies and one quarter and finally,a dime, nickel and ten pennies.Hand puts this money into another, cleaner, large male hand, then puts beer can to mouth.->Camera close up here as beer can hits teeth hard when big wave throws cheery, independent Lasquetian sideways into stack of dog food bags and bicycles. Scene cuts to ferry banging into dock and hordes of cheery, independent Lasquetians rushing to get off ferry, struggling with totes, chicken food, lumber, etc.> Camera closes up on large bag of dog food ripped open and dribbling all over dock. Sound of car engines, headlights, dogs barking,gumboots squeaking as goods get carried up ramp and onto upper dock. >Close up here of piles of garbage in freight shed,posing in dim incandescant light. Fast forward to cold hands pushing up and down on bicycle tire pump attached to flat car tire,- up and down, up and down, up and down. Car engine starts. >Close up of canning jar rolling around on car floor and lodging under gas pedal. Driver swears and attempts to dislodge jar while steering.Car drives down dock. Goods get loaded into car.Camera goes down dark road, then follows down dark driveway. Headlights shine on large dead alder tree across muddy road, camera follows hands gripping and slipping on the wet trunk and finally throwing tree trunk into dark roadside;>(sound of bushes smashing.) Camera follows car to house in darkness. Car engine turns off.Flashlight in mouth, totes get unloaded from car, doors get kicked shut and all goods are loaded across muddy path and up wet steps and into dark shack.Lights turn on, sound of beer can popping open, onions frying, radio noise, etc. Then darkness and quiet.> Sound of mice chewing on wood. >Swearing here, and sound of hand banging on wall. Scene opens up with morning sunshine glowing through alder trees, then camera pans over to cheery, independent Lasquetian putting pillow over face and rolling over into blankets for another forty winks before resuming their independent, unique lifestyle.

Filmmakers note:This is only one of a series of six 15 minute scenarios depicting aspects of our unique off-grid lifestyle. The five remaining scenarios focus on repairing ripped tarps, making blackberry wine, fixing flat tires, and using key words to properly shop for solar panels on Craigslist.

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