Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling

Free Store

Spring/Summer Hours:  April 1- September 30 - Mondays 10 am - 2 pm, Thursdays 1 - 5 pm,

Fall/Winter hours  October 1 - March 30 - Thursday 1- 5 pm

We request you drop off outstanding items only i.e. clean, usable clothing and household items. Please, NO food, garbage, recycling, TV’s, soft foam, batteries, electrical devices, mattresses or hazardous materials ie: chemicals, fluorescent light tubes, prescription/non-prescription drugs, or pills in general.

If you have an item that isn't accepted but could be useful to someone, post an ad on this website (it will automatically be forwarded to the Lasqueti e-list) or use the Buy, Sell and Trade bulletin board beside the Free Store front door.


Recycling     Lasqueti Recycling Depot

The Recycling Centre is located behind the Free Store.

Spring/Summer Hours: April 1- Sept 30 - Mondays 10 am - 5 pm, Thursdays 10 am - 5pm, 

Fall/Winter hours  October 1 - March 30 - Monday 10-2, Thursday 1- 5 pm

All recycling is monitored by depot staff. The Recycling Center accepts clean and dry household recycling like hard and soft plastic, chip bags, feed bags, tin cans, glass, paper, and cardboard. Items such as clean egg cartons, nursery pots, or corks, are sometimes collected separately and diverted for reuse by locals. Keep an eye out for specially-labeled collection bins that identify items currently wanted for local reuse.

The Recycle Depot in Parksville accepts a range of additional materials and electronics. The Church Rd. Transfer Station accepts car batteries for a fee.

For more details on what can be recycled check the Recycle BC website, or the BC Recycling Hotline: 1-800-667-4321

Residual waste

Lasqueti has no garbage disposal facilities. 

Please minimize the waste that you produce. Visitors are encouraged to pack their garbage out when they leave. Household and construction waste can be disposed of at the Church Rd. Transfer Station in Parksville.

The Lasqueti Landfill is officially closed. For now, you’ll have to hang on to your large appliances, metal and tires until we figure out where they are going to go. 

Trash Removal Day: Finn Bay Marine Group in Powell River have the 2021 Lasqueti Trash Removal contract. The second Wednesday, 10 am until the Barge is full, will be the regular trash removal day. Any changes due to weather will be posted on the email list, FB Lasqueti Hotwire, and the Lasqueti website. No construction materials, renovation or demolition waste, prohibited waste, organics, recyclable material or stewardship materials. Please call Mark (250 240 9886 or 8601) is you have any questions about what constitutes acceptable garbage.

Accepted waste is defined as “Lasqueti Island residential waste” and means refuse that originates from residential, commercial and institutional sources but does not include Construction, Renovation and Demolition Waste, Prohibited Waste, Recyclable Materials, Organics or Stewardship Materials. $7.50 per bag, $37.50 per truckload. Mattresses and box springs $15 each. Please do not ever leave your garbage at the barge ramp. 

“Construction, Renovation and Demolition Waste” means waste produced from the construction, renovation, and demolition of buildings, and other structures and may include, but is not limited to asphalt, bricks, concrete, roofing materials, wood, plumbing and electrical components.  Construction, Renovation and Demolition waste is accepted by Lasqueti residents at the Church Road Transfer Station.  Loads may be checked for possible asbestos etc. and residents will be billed the 20% surcharge for being out of region.

“Prohibited Waste” means gaseous, liquid or solid waste prohibited from disposal and may include, but is not limited to asbestos containing materials, propane canisters, waste oil or petroleum by-products.

“Stewardship Materials” means any waste or recyclable materials in an approved stewardship plan as defined in the Recycling Regulation of the Environmental Management Act (B.C. Reg. 284/2016) and may include, but is not limited to paint, batteries, electronics, waste oil, residential packaging and paper product.

Tipping Fees:  $7.50 per bag or $37.50 per truckload. Mattresses and box springs $15 each. Bring cash please. 

Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, then Recycle are the 4 'R's that we live by here.
Please see these links for useful tips:

Return-It Beverage Depot open 24/7

Front left of Free Store. Accepts refundable beverage containers: beer, cider, pop, coconut water cans, boxed wine cartons (leave them intact), water jugs and tetra juice packs.