The emal list "rejection notice"

No one likes to be rejected.  This term is overloaded with value judgments that simply are not intended when a post to the list is "rejected".

The rejection notice is intended to accomplish 3 things:

  1. alert the poster their message did not go out to the list subscribers;
  2. provide a rationale for why the post was not "accepted" (usually by stating which moderation guideline the message failed to adhere to); and
  3. provide some information about how the issue can be corrected and the options the poster has to re-submit their message.

For those who've never received a "rejection notice", here's what that looks like:


email_list [at] lasqueti [dot] ca is moderated by a group of volunteers.

Moderation requests to reconsider a post are not uncommon.
A moderator took time to review your message and is returning it with their subjective opinion:

Re: "Posting of your message titled "A long-winded diatribe on the state of man"

This message exceeds the 500 word limit for list posts. 
Please consider posting your article on and sending summary with a link to the list.

Please choose to interpret this as an attempt to help, and then:

1) revise / edit your post and resend it,
2) stand by your original message and resend it as-is (not as a reply please!)
3) wait and think on it 

In any case, a different moderator will handle any follow-up post.

This process ensures that moderation is ultimately a shared-decision while allowing moderators to work efficiently without consulting on every message.
And it allows moderators to err on the side of caution: a message returned can simply be resent, but a message approved can never be retracted.

List Moderation Guidelines:

These guidelines are a continuously evolving expression of our collective experience, community norms, and feedback.   
Their goal is to keep the list useful for its subscribers and provide some guidance aimed at reducing bias and improving fairness and consistency.

Moderators can not edit your message, only accept or reject it.
Please be sure to send any follow-up post EXACTLY as it should go out to the list readers.

If you have constructive feedback or ideas for improving the list or moderation guidelines please send them out to the community on the email list, or feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions.

moderators [at] lists [dot] lasqueti [dot] ca