Temporary Hold on Covid-19 Opinion Pieces

The Lasqueti email list currently has a temporary moratorium on full length opinion pieces related to Covid and vaccines.

If you want to share your thoughts on those topics with the list readers, please put them into a personal blog article.  Your message to the list should contain only:

  • a meaningful subject line,
  • the link to your blog, and
  • a brief (25 words max) explanation of the content of your blog post.

For the duration of the moratorium, only posts that meet these restrictions will be accepted.  Any links to external sites supporting your views should not be included directly in your email to the list, rather you should include them in the blog article.

We know this is inconvenient and appreciate your cooperation through this period.

But What If I Don't Have a Blog?

Every Lasquetian has access to a free, personal blog, on lasqueti.ca   Here's how:

  1. You'll need an account on lasqueti.ca - the account is free, you can register here https://lasqueti.ca/user/register
  2. Full instructions for posting to your blog are here: https://lasqueti.ca/books/how-to/post-blog-article
  3. Save’ your article and you will be taken to the page showing your blog. You will see an ‘Edit’ tab at the top of the page. This tab is only visible to you, and allows you to edit your article any time.
  4. Copy the web address (URL) of this page. It will typically be located top-center in your web browser. Paste the URL into an email message (it will turn into a link folks can click on when they receive your email)
  5. Add a subject line and a brief (25 words max) explanation of what your blog post is about for the list readers , and send it to email_list [at] lasqueti [dot] ca

Pro tip: web editors can be finicky. If you are planning to write a longer piece, it is a good idea to use your computer’s text editor or something like a notes app to compose your article and copy-paste it into your blog. That way, you will have a backup if things go sideways.

If you already have a personal blog space or other channel on a different site, you may submit a link to any personal blog site.