Post a 'Favourite Poem'

How-To submit a "Favourite Poem"

  1. Log-in (you must be logged in to post to the website)
  2. Post to Website... Blog entry
  3. Enter the Poem's Title
  4. Enter "favourite poems" under "Additional Subjects" - this "tags" your blog entry as being a favourite poem so it will be placed on the Favourite Poems page.  (If you simply type "f", the box will give you a list to select from all "tags" that start with "f"!)
  5. Enter the Poem itself in the Body field - you can also add author, publication date, and any other information of interest.
  6. Press "Submit"

When you view your poem, you'll see a small link to "favourite poems" at the top - click on this to see a list of all recently submitted "favourite poems" on the site.