Using the Disucssion Forums (Message Board)

There are many ways to post messages on

  • News and Events for notices that can be posted on front-page and/or community calendar.
  • Classified ads for notices about rides, jobs, lost & found, local food, and other stuff for sale.
  • Personal blogs for sharing your political opinions, re-posting articles, or just going off on a rant.

By contrast, the Discussion Forums are used for starting and holding longer-duration discussions about anything you find relevant.  This can include anything from committee planning work and document sharing, to an online book club.  Anything that is more "discussion" oriented as opposed to "announcement" oriented.

About the Discussion Forums:

  • These forums are primarily intended for discussing topics relating to Lasqueti Island. Please respect this and only post relevant message
  • Please be respectful of other users. Abuse, profanity, spam, or shameless advertising will not be tolerated.
  • See the Forum Instructions posting for some basic info about how this message board works.

Got a question?

  • If you want to know how something works or "how do I...?" or "why does it...?", post your question in the Questions and Suggestions forum.
  • For technical questions, please contact Joseph: webmaster [at] lasqueti [dot] ca
  • For questions about topics and discussions, please contact Peter: pjohnston [at] lasqueti [dot] ca

Thank You and Have fun!