Submit an incident Report

How-To post an Incident Report

An 'Incident Report' is used to document and report something undesirable, to alert the community and hopefully curb harmful behaviours.  These reports are heavily moderated - please stick to the facts only - What, When, How - no finger pointing, accusations, or innuendo please.

Your "Incident Report" will automatically be forwarded to the Lasqueti E-mail List (unless you choose not to do so).

  1. Log-in (you must be logged in to post to the website)
  2. Post to Website... Incident Report (from menu in left sidebar)
  3. Enter a Short Description of the incident - this is like the subject line on an e-mail.
  4. Select the "Incident Type" and "Incident Location" that best fits - you can add more details below.
  5. Optionally, you can select a date and/or time that the Incident occurred.  When you click on the "Date" field, a popup calendar allows you to pick the date.  The time is given using 24 hour clock notation (e.g., 19:00 rather than 7:00 pm)
  6. Enter the Incident Details - enter whatever makes sense to document the incident, but please stick to the fact - just what happened.

    • If you are reporting a theft, please list and describe the items that were stolen so folks can keep an eye out and identify them if they see them.

    (You can format your post using the simple web editor - see How-To Format Your Post)

  7. Press "Submit"

You should see your Incident Report in full.  Notice there is an "Edit" tab at the top of the page - you can always return to the page and click on this tab to update or delete your news item.  You can also "Comment" on your item to add more details, etc. 
Unless you chose not to, your original report is sent to the Lasqueti E-mail List - none of the subsequent edits or comments will be sent to the list.

If you would like to submit an Incident Report anonymously, or you know someone who'd like to submit one non-electronically, please send a request to Peter J., or  e-mail mailman-owner [at] lists [dot] lasqueti [dot] ca and we will post the request for you without any identifying information.