Post a "Blog" (Journal) Article

What's a blog?

Short for "weB log", a blog is simply your personal space on  You don't need to worry about your article fitting into a category, or being relevant to everyone - this is your space and you can post what you like there.  For example, if you are an avid gardner, you could keep entries for different planting dates or organic insect control methods you use;  or you could use your blog to write articles about issues you feel are important and should be discussed; or perhaps you want to share some of your poetry or philosphical ramblings.

Want to know more?  This short video (3 mins) is an excellent starting point:  Blogs in Plain English.

How-To: Post a Blog Entry

  1. Log-in (you must be logged in to post to the website)
  2. Post to Website... Blog entry
  3. Enter the article's Title
  4. Use the "Additional Subjects" to "tag" your blog entry.  This will allow the site to organize articles with similar themes.  You can enter any words here that describe your article's topic (comma seperated list) - and the auto-type box will give you a list of previously defined "tags" as you start to type.
  5. Enter the article itself in the "Body" field - add anything you like.  See How-To: Format your Posts for help with formatting if you want to get fancy.
  6. Press "Submit"

That's it.  Your latest article will always appear at the top of your blog.  Others can see you blog by visiting "My Community... Blogs"  and your article will also appear in the "Latest Blog Posts" block.